Zambia: Mongu Diocese celebrates colourful Silver Jubilee.

Zambia’s Mongu Diocese Bishop, Evans Chinyama Chiyemba OMI, has said the diocesan celebration held over the weekend was a great moment of joy and grace for the local Church.

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Bishop Chinyemba told thousands of the Catholic faithful and other well-wishers who attended the Mongu Diocese Silver Jubilee celebrations that the essence of the festivities was to thank God for sustaining one of Zambia’s relatively younger dioceses. 

Thanking God for his graces

The Bishop thanked pioneering missionary, the religious and diocesan clergy for their tireless work in the service of the Gospel and the Diocese of Mongu. Above all, he paid tribute to the Diocese’s lay faithful and encouraged them to further grow their charisms and take their rightful place at the centre of diocesan activities.

“At the heart of the Eucharist, which is itself thanksgiving, we thank God for having sustained us throughout the years but especially from when we began reflecting on the life of the Catholic Diocese of Mongu on 23 April 2022,” said the Mongu Diocese Shepherd.

Over the past year, the Diocese has held several jubilee events under the theme: Walking with Christ Our Hope.

Mongu Diocese children during the jubilee Eucharist celebration

Mongu Diocese children during the jubilee Eucharist celebration

State pledges continued partnership

Several Zambian Bishops, local and international guests, including the Zambian Republic President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, attended the colourful celebrations.

The Zambian President praised the Church in Zambia and said the institution remains one of the key players in national development and in raising an upright society. He pledged to continue working with the Church across the country. 

Zambian President’s gift of Cattle to dioceses 

During the celebrations, it was announced that Mr Hichilema had donated 10 cattle to each Catholic Diocese across Zambia. The Cattle are from his personal Kraal.

Mr Hichilema is the country’s second-biggest Cattle rancher. He is also one of the main meat suppliers to the Zambian market and an exporter of beef products. 

Men in traditional dress perform a liturgical dance during the jubilee

The Catholic Diocese of Mongu was created on 14 June 1997 from some areas carved off the Diocese of Livingstone. The first Bishop, Paul Duffy, OMI, died on 23 August 2011.