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Synod youth thank Pope Francis with a show in the Vatican

The young people who participated at the Synod organized an evening of entertainment for the Pope and the Bishops who partook in the gathering. Synod Fathers also got into the spirit of the occasion with Cardinal Baldisseri performing two pieces on the piano. Poetry, dance, song and music also formed part of the show in the Paul VI Hall complex.

Here is a translation of the message that the young people read to the Pope at the end of Synod discussions:

Dearest Pope Francis,

We, the young people present at the Synod, want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and joy to you for having given us the space to make this little piece of history together. New ideas need space and you gave it to us. Today’s world, which presents us young people with unprecedented opportunities but also a lot of suffering, needs new answers and new power of love. There is a need to rediscover hope and live the happiness that is experienced in giving more than receiving, working for a better world.

We want to affirm that we share your dream: an outgoing Church, open to all, especially the weakest, a field hospital Church. We are already an active part of this Church and we want to continue to make a concrete commitment to improve our cities and schools, and the social and political world and working environments, by spreading a culture of peace and solidarity and by putting the poor at the centre, in whom Jesus himself is recognized.

At the end of this Synod we wish to tell you that we are with you and with all the bishops of our Church, also in times of difficulty. We ask you to continue the journey you have undertaken and we promise you our full support and daily prayer.

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