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Bishop Pamplany to youth: we wish to learn your life

Bishop Pamplany says he’s very happy with the “proceedings of the Synod”, describing them as being “systematically arranged”.

Light on the future of the Church

He talks about the interventions he has heard so far, by both the Synod Fathers and the young people. Pamplany describes what the young people are saying as “really enriching”. He explains that it “sheds new light upon the future mission of the Church”, especially, he says, “for young people”.

Bishop Pamplany says there are some “cultural differences, as well as national differences” especially between “youth from the third world and first world”. “But”, he continues, “the major challenges being raised on the Synod floor is resembling with what we experience in our country as well.”

He finds that the most interesting thing coming out of this Synod is the “new pastoral methodologies” they are developing, as “the pastoral accompaniment gets predominance over all other approaches.”

Do not fear faith

Finally, Bishop Pamplany has a message for young Catholics: “Acknowledge that the Church is with you in spite of all the vulnerable situations in which it is entrapped.” He wishes to reassure young people that “we are with you and we wish to learn your life and enthusiasm”. He ends his message imploring young people: “do not be afraid of your faith”.

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