Pope: May we welcome, accompany, support and integrate migrants

At the conclusion of the Mass in the southern Italian city of Matera on Sunday morning, Pope Francis recalled that today the Church celebrates the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. May we welcome and assist them, he said, as they also can help our communities grow, and the Kingdom of God can be realized together with them.

By Thaddeus Jones

Pope Francis encouraged everyone to contribute to “Building the future with migrants and refugees,” recalling the theme of today’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees celebrated in the Church the last Sunday of September each year. He was speaking at the conclusion of the Mass in Matera celebrated at the city’s XXI Settembre Municipal Stadium.

“Let us renew our commitment to building the future in accordance with God’s plan: a future in which every person may find his or her place and be respected; in which migrants, refugees, displaced persons and the victims of human trafficking may live in peace and with dignity.”

May the Kingdom of God be realized with them, “without exclusion,” said the Pope. And we can thank these “brothers and sisters” as they can help our communities grow and flourish economically, culturally and spiritually. 

The Pope added that by sharing and learning about each other’s diverse traditions, this “enriches the People of God.”

“Let us all work together to build a more inclusive and fraternal future!”

He  concluded with an appeal that we welcome, accompany, support and integrate migrants into our communities.

The World Day of Migrants and Refugees is promoted around the world by the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development