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Cardinal Suharyo of Jakarta presents the Indonesia that Pope Francis will meet

The aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, CAFOD, welcomes EU pledges to support relief efforts in war-torn Sudan and neighbouring countries, but urges much more is needed to save millions at risk of famine due to the crisis caused by the civil war.

By Thaddeus Jones

One year since the outbreak of conflict in Sudan, the European Union co-hosted on Monday with France and Germany the International Humanitarian Conference for Sudan and neighbouring countries. The conference aimed to boost support for people affected by what has become one of the worst humanitarian crises and the largest displacement crisis in the world.

The European Commission assured its commitment of 355 million euros in both humanitarian and development funding for Sudan and its neighbours, while EU States 541 million euros, with total amounts close to 900 million euros.

The European Commission’s funding will be channelled via humanitarian organisations to the most vulnerable in need suffering from consequences of the conflict in Sudan itself, but also those who have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. According to an European Union Press comunique, aid will provide communities with health and nutritional care, food assistance, water and sanitation, shelter, protection, and education to the most vulnerable households supporting the internally displaced, refugee families and host communities.

The war between rival military groups in Sudan over the past year has put more than half of its population of 51 million at risk of famine and dependent on emergency food and medicine, as well as pressure on surrounding countries dealing with those fleeing  the violence.

Aid welcome but needs greater

Reacting to the EU’s pledge, CAFOD, the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, said it welcomes “the pledges made by various countries to support relief efforts in Sudan and its neighbouring countries” but it expressed worry the amounts “fall far short of the 2.7 billion dollars (over 2.5 billion euros) urgently needed to address the scale of this crisis.”

CAFOD adds that donors must now “honour their commitments and disburse pledges as quickly as possible” so that together swift and decisive action can “prevent further suffering and loss of life in Sudan.”

The UK agency has underscored “the need to increase life-saving food aid and offer cash and vouchers in areas where markets are working.” And worringly, “while food is available in some local markets, many Sudanese cannot afford to purchase it, and humanitarian aid trucks face access constraints preventing them from reaching communities in need. Reports of starvation are already emerging, with food security watchdogs warning the risk of famine is imminent.”

Working in Sudan since the 1970s, CAFOD supports opportunities, particularly for smallholder farmers and women. CAFOD is on the ground in Sudan and neighbouring countries, working together with local partners to address urgent humanitarian needs.

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