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Pope prays for dialogue over conflict in the Middle East

Pope Francis issues a heartfelt plea for peace in Palestine, Israel, and Ukraine, urging dialogue over conflict and remembering the suffering of those affected.

By Francesca Merlo

Pope Francis once again turned his prayers to peace in the world. Following the Regina Coeli in Saint Peter’s Square on the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Pope Francis once again expressed his hope that dialogue, negotiation, and diplomacy might prevail in the Middle East. He urged against succumbing to “the logic of assertion.”

“I continue to watch with concern and sorrow the situation in the Middle East. I reiterate the plea not to yield to the claims of war but rather to prioritize dialogue and diplomacy, which can achieve much. Every day, I pray for peace in Palestine and Israel, hoping these two peoples can soon end their suffering.”


Pope Francis then recalled, as usual, the ongoing war in Ukraine. He invited the world not to foget the conflict-ridden land “which suffers so much.”

Francis then turned his thoughts to Father Matteo Pettinari, of the Order of Missionaries of the Consolata, who has served in Ivory Coast for 13 years and tragically passed away in a car accident on 18 April.

Pope Francis recalled that he is remembered as “the tireless missionary who left a profound legacy of generous service.”

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