Pope: Faith in Christ must be expressed concretely

Pope Francis entrusts to St. Joseph those within the Italian Bishops’ Conference engaged in encouraging financial support for the Church in Italy, and urges them to remember that faith in Christ should always translate into concrete action and into our daily lives.

By Deborah Castellano Lubov

Faith in Christ must transform our day-to-day, and affect concrete choices, Pope Francis said during an audience for those within the Italian Bishops’ Conference engaged in encouraging financial support of the Church in Italy.

During an audience on Thursday morning, the Pope thanked them for their service, and for gathering together this week in Rome, where many are participating in a related conference on the topic.

Faith and concreteness

Pope Francis reminded his listeners that our faith in Jesus must translate into concrete actions, and must be behind all we do.

He recalled that the Apostolic community begins to transform the world “beginning with a new style of life of life proposed in the Gospel,” where each participates with their own talents and with what they have, and that such an “evangelic revolution,” makes Jesus’ love visible.

The Pope warned against indifference, calling it one of the “ugliest diseases” one can possess.

Co-responsibility, participation, and communion

The Holy Father remembered how much has changed over history, and that this new dynamic must be lived out with two elements: co-responsibility and participation.

Turning to co-responsibility, the Pope said that in the Church, no one should be “a spectator” or “on the margins,” but instead, each must feel part of “a family.” This family bond, he suggested, therefore, implies participation, which requires getting involved, where we take initiatives and risks together and walk together.

The Holy Father later added a third word, “communion,” recalling that participation builds and sustains communion.

Pope Francis concluded by thanking them for their work and entrusting them to Saint Joseph.