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Dicastery for Doctrine of the Faith confirms ruling on alleged apparitions in Trevignano

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith verifies the local bishop’s judgment that alleged apparitions in Trevignano Romano, Italy, are not supernatural and confirms his prohibition of devotions and pilgrimages in the places associated with the events.

By Vatican News

The Dicastery for the Doctrine for the Faith has formally recognized “the juridical validity” of a decree by Bishop Marco Salvi of Civita Castellano, Italy, that denies the supernatural character of apparitions and revelations alleged to have been received by Gisella Cardia and her husband, Gianni.”

The bishop’s decree also prohibits priests from celebrating the sacraments or leading acts of popular piety connected – either directly or indirectly – to the events alleged to have occurred in the town of Trevignano Romano, specifying that this prohibition extends not only to the property owned by the so-called “Madonna of Trevignano ETS” Association, but also to other private, public, and ecclesiastical places. Pilgrimages to the place of the purported apparitions are likewise forbidden.

The Dicastery’s statement confirms not only the judgement of non-supernaturality (“constat de non supernaturalite”), but also the disciplinary measures enacted by Bishop Salvi.

Statement of the Dicastery

The communiqué from the Dicastery notes that Bishop Salvi’s decision predates new norms, issued in May, concerning the discernment of alleged supernatural phenomenon.

In light of the new norms, however, the Dicastery has publicized its concurrence with the judgment of the local bishop, without commenting on the explanations made in connection with that judgment.

Claims of apparitions

In 2016, Gisella Cardia began making claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary had appeared to her in a field where she had been preaching and praying for years.

Ms. Cardia said she received continual communications not only from the Mother of God, but also at times from Jesus and from God the Father. There were also reports of miracles, including claims of a statue of the Virgin weeping tears of blood and of miraculous multiplications of food.

Ms. Cardia continues to maintain her claims and has challenged the diocesan investigation. Civil authorities, on the other hand, have opened an investigation into possible fraud after complaints from believers who have contributed donations on the basis of the alleged miraculous occurrences.

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