Archbishop Zvolenský: Pope’s visit to Slovakia is “joyful news”

Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský, President of the Slovak Bishops Conference expresses his delight following the announcement of Pope Francis’ visit to Slovakia.

Vatican News

The President of the Slovak Bishops Conference, Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský has expressed his delight at Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the country in September.

In a statement, he said it was “especially joyful news.”

The Archbishop also recalled the visit of his predecessor Saint John Paul II to Slovakia.

“Once again we can say that the successor of the apostles, now Pope Francis, will come to Slovakia,” he said.

Archbishop Zvolensky, noted the news “also comes in connection with the solemnity of our saints Cyril and Methodius, heralds of the faith. It was they who taught us respect for the Pope. And now we will be able to welcome the successor of the Apostle Peter back to Slovakia, to receive him among us.”

I ask everyone to start preparing internally to be able to listen well to the message of Pope Francis,” he added.

The Archbishop of Bratislava went on to say that the visit “is a message of sensitivity to those who suffer, those who are on the margins of society, those who are in need, both in the material and spiritual spheres. Then there is his great concern for the good of the family, his great sensitivity to the needs of young people.”

Archbishop Zvolenský concluded by saying that “these themes will certainly be part of Pope Francis’ visit to Slovakia. I think we can expect a great spiritual strengthening,” he said.